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Hi, I'm Hitalyca!

I’m an app for tablets and smartphones.
I’m a game that lets you win Italian prizes and at the same time learn about Italian culture.

Available only iOS.
Not yet available in Italian App store.
Now available in Italian and English version
(other language and for the blind coming soon).


"The goal of Hitalyca is to create and promote Italian culture around the world in a simple and fast way, but above all to be fun and witty through the use of the innovative technological tools currently available."


The idea stems from the interest and awareness of Italian culture and Italian products around the world. Hitalyca is an ideal technological vehicle for making Italy known through a game that is motivating and that rewards players with the winning of emblematic italian products and awards.

Its strength is in the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčassociating within the app different aspects, from the playful and educational to the commercial and advertising. In fact, the player is invited to demonstrate their knowledge of Italy, its culture and traditions, while Italian companies, especially small and medium size, can make their products known to the world, offering them as rewards or through advertisements within the game.

Finally, Hitalyca also has a social purpose since it will be a game equally available for the blind.



The awards will be of various types.
In the free entry level, the player wins a "Certificate of Merit – Ambassador of Italian culture to the world", while in each category various prizes can be won (discounts on Italian products in traditional stores and in online stores, tickets for exhibitions of Italian artists in Italy and abroad, etc.)


There is no similar product on the world market. The project is protected by confidentiality agreements with sponsors and by the software and storage of the format in the SIAE registry, as of April 2016.


The application is currently in Italian and English languages, to be followed by Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French.
The application form can be replicated and adapted also for other cultures, traditions and types of players. A version for the blind is coming soon.


    The following is a list of all those who, in different ways, contributed with imagination and joy to implementing the current version of Hitalyca. No contribution is more valuable than another, all the tips, small and large, make Hitalyca better and without them it would not be as it is!


    Federico Bo - Digital strategist

    Marco Bo - Sales agent

    Luca Ciaffoni - Computer engineer

    Giovanni Cocco - Emporio Italia srl

    Monica Fara - Tiflologia

    Alessandro Gatta - Journalist and writer

    Paula Morandi – Vivi Vejo Onlus

    Maria Grazia Olmeo - Phd Marketing 

    Alessandro Scafi - Journalist and cultural writer


    Giuliana Bo    

    Economist. She graduated from "La Sapienza" University of Rome. She has worked in the private sector by conducting freelance activity as an accountant and auditor for over ten years, and for eight years in the Prime Minister's Office - CIPE. She has lectured at universities and institutions, private and public, in the fields of public accounting and public investment. She has been a speaker at seminars and conferences and is the author of publications and informative insights on these issues.



    Ibimel S.r.l.

    Ibimel Srl is a IT company that offers consulting, design and development in communications, digital publishing, web design, multiplatform and interactive software development.


    Luca Ciaffoni     

    Antonio Mura -  Pixon Studio - Sassari





Do you want to be a sponsor for “flying” Hitalyca around the world?

Sponsoring and supporting Hitalyca is qualitatively and emotionally relevant since it accompanies the spreading of Italian culture around the world through a game, and the promotion of your products represents an ethically important value that is valuable and unique!

Potential sponsors will include their logo, links to their site and images, and an advertising video in the free section. 

Sponsorships are of three types:

- Pure funding

- Offering prizes in the game as products or discount on products 

- Services via the link on their site and the logo in the game and on the Hitalyca site. 



Giuliana Bo