Hitalyca is a quiz that discovers and check your knowledge on Italian culture.
Object of the game is to try to respond exactly to the multiple-answer questions within 18 seconds.
To participate in the game it necessary in first place access to the free entry level and respond exactly one 12 Questions.
The player will win a “Certificate of merit - Ambassador of Italian culture in the world."
To continue playing you download, in-app purchase, choice of one or more of the 6 categories to the cost of a coffee and answer exactly 24 questions.
For each category there are different prizes to be redeemed at the sponsors of Hitalyca!
The prizes will be obtained through a code to be redeemed on the sponsor’s site, in Italy or in the app's website.
When the player has downloaded the prize can continue to play all the times wishing, but cannot redeem more than one prize for each category.
If bought, played and won in all categories, he can continue to play in different categories every time you want to pleasure to challenge the knowledge of Italian culture.

The payouts are not sponsored in any way by Apple Inc.

If you need any help write to